Case study: Hyundai College Game Day

Who is the client?

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Hyundai operates the world's largest integrated automobile manufacturing facility in Ulsan, which is capable of producing 1.6 million units annually. The company employs about 75,000 people around the world.

The Challenge

In a brand marketing effort, Hyundai embarked on a College Football marketing piece that traveled around to 14 prominent universities, showcasing an experiential marketing approach that would increase brand awareness and engage students and fans in a fun and memorable way. College students are overly marketed to, which brings its own set of challenges when trying to pull off an experience that is engaging and something they’ve never seen before.

With a tight timeline of only a few weeks from project approval to launch, Big Behavior was tasked with creating the digital piece for the events. The events were held in a field or parking lot just outside the college football stadiums, which didn’t offer internet connectivity and would have to be attractive enough to grab the attention of fans as they made their way into the football stadium. In addition, the client requested 3 kits, as they would have multiple games happening on the same weekends, in different areas of the country.

The Strategy

We decided to produce something that fans could play onsite, as well as a corresponding Facebook Game for more of a viral marketing return on the project. By interacting with the game, we purposely put a simple lead gen piece in place for the players to start each game, through their Facebook profile information and email address for future marketing opportunities.

Big Behavior creatively directed and produced a multi-player game utilizing iPad technology that was extremely easy for Hyundai reps to setup and takedown. A companion single-player game was also created to run inside of Facebook.

For internet connectivity, Big Behavior utilized a 3G/4G wireless router, and designed a program that would pull lead data throughout the event, which provided real-time reporting and lead capture data that could be used by Hyundai for future marketing.

As fans walked up to the event, they were given the option of playing our multi-player game. To begin the game, they simply signed in via Facebook, or entered their First and Last name and provided a valid email address. Once they provided this information, they were prompted to select a Hyundai of their choice and take their picture (to personalize the game). A countdown began and the game “kicked-off” showing the 4 players and their cars on the 55” monitor in front of them. Multiple choice trivia questions, pertinent to their school's football program, were loaded into the app on game day and came on up the screen. By selecting the correct answer, their Hyundai would move forward in yardage. The first one to answer 6 questions correctly scored a Touchdown and their results posted on the Scoreboard. Additionally the Facebook game had a global scoreboard displaying both daily leaders and “all-time” leaders to increase repeat engagement.

The Results

The game was an absolute hit! Fans were lining up to play the game. In addition, we received great feedback and accolades from our client as the reporting allowed them to see the favorite cars for this demographic and also access for future marketing efforts via email. The Facebook piece enabled Hyundai to increase their page views with “Likes”. The product and brand was engaged by tens of thousands of individuals.

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