Case study: George P. Johnson

Who is the client?

George P. Johnson (GPJ) invented experiential marketing. With 30 offices around the globe, GPJ helps the world's most well-known and respected brands engage people with experiences that drive results and build lasting relationships.

The Challenge

GPJ came to us wanting their entire website to be responsive to work beautifully on mobile and tablets. The website needed to showcase GPJ’s work with top global brands, that they have capabilities to work on large project involving design, manufacturing, and installation, and help explain the results GPJ generated from these client projects.

The Strategy

When the time came to redesign the site and make it responsive we were happy to help make it look great on any device. Beyond the needs of responsiveness our redesign brought focus to GPJ’s extensive case studies, roster of clients, and the diverse set of experiential services they offer. The engineering of the website was also a strategic concern. It is engineered to handle the international versions of the GPJ website and their multilingual needs. Any of the GPJ international websites can repurpose content that is on any other GPJ website by using stored, human-translated versions of content in an easy to use CMS. A custom layout tool was also engineered into the CMS to provide visual layout options for placement of text and images for content. This provided the ability to “design” pages without having to know any code, plus help keep content layout visual consistent from page to page within the website.

The Results

Our work on the GPJ website has produced some great results. Feedback from GPJ and their international offices is that they are very happy with the CMS platform and its ability to manage content across websites and continents. This has helped save time, increase efficiency, and eliminate omissions and errors across all versions of the GPJ websites.

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